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1000 type horizontal ribbon powder unit deliver to kaifen
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1000 type horizontal ribbon powder unit deliver to kaifen
  This 1000-type horizontal ribbon powder unit sent to Kaifeng, Henan Province, is an automated feed processing unit that combines crushing, mixing and lifting. It is easy to operate, high in output and saves labor. It is an ideal choice for various feed factories and farms. It can be customized according to the area of ​​the customer's factory.
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The basic configuration of the 1000 type horizontal ribbon powder unit includes: Z-type magnetic separator, water droplet crusher, crusher bracket, spiral hoist, horizontal ribbon mixer, bucket elevator, electric control cabinet and each The silo required for the process.
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According to the customer demand of Kaifeng, Henan, we have partially modified the screw hoist: specially designed the limit gate, which can better control the feeding speed;The unit is equipped with a drip feed mill that uses a national standard motor. In general, the two motors commonly used by Hengfu are pure copper motors and national standard motors.
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The national standard motor is produced by national standards. The national standard motor has the following advantages: 1. strong power, 2. long service life, 3. production in strict accordance with national standards.
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