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Hebei Chengde 304 feed granule unit delivery
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Hebei Chengde 304 feed granule unit delivery

    Although it coincides with the May Day holiday, the factory is still on work delivering goods, it is a real labors’ festival!

    The unit shipped this time belongs to the 304 simple-fit horizontal feed unit, and the 304 pellet machine is equipped with a 2.2-kilowatt single-layer stainless steel conditioner and a 1.1-kilowatt constant-speed feeder with electromagnetic speed regulation. Conveniently transport the mixed powder to the pellet machine at a constant rate.

    The hoist part is further divided into a screw hoist and an auxiliary material hoist. Although it is said to be material conveying, the former is to upgrade the corn raw material to the pulverizer, and the latter is to increase the auxiliary material to the mixer, and the utility is different.

    The equipment configured in the cooling stage includes a bucket conveyor, a closed wind discharger, a counterflow cooler, a bag filter, a Shakron, an air closer, a wind network pipe, etc., the function of the closed wind discharger is material is sent to the cooler at a constant rate, and the feed is sealed without causing air backflow.

    Although the unit shipped this time is a simple configuration of the pellet unit, but the service of the loading master is still worthy of praise! In addition, the unit is equipped with a national standard motor, and is equipped with a 250 stainless steel mixer, and the ring mold is equipped with φ4mm and 2mm.

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