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The 304 granule unit sent to Lichuan County, Jiangxi Provinc
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Xinxiang Hengfu Machinery the 304 granule unit sent to Lichuan County, Jiangxi Province

    As one of the main products of Hengfu Feed Machinery, the pellet feed unit has shown a straight-line increase in recent shipments. On the one hand, because the pelleted feed has been ripened and sterilized, it has good palatability and nutrient-rich, which can increase the feed intake of poultry and increase its growth. On the other hand, it also proves that the quality of the feed unit configured by our factory is excellent. The design of the plan is reasonable.

    Under normal circumstances, the combination of the fan and the brake can help the feed cooler to perform dust removal work. By connecting counterflow coolers, brakes and fans. It can not only help the exhaust air cooler to effectively exhaust the air, but also reduce the dust pollution extracted by the cooler. Relatively speaking, the use of the fan and the brake cylinder is a relatively high price-quality ratio.

    We learned that the 304 feed pellet unit is equipped with a crumbler. This is because the customer in the granulation process, the granulator presses small particles with low yield, high power consumption, and high economic cost, but if the larger particles are first pressed and then broken into small particles, relatively, the yield and granulation efficiency will be higher, and at the same time it can reduce energy consumption. It is a common unit configuration for farmers and feed processing plants.

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