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Luoyang 9ht2000 powder feed plant
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Luoyang 9ht2000 powder feed plant

    Yesterday, the loaders of Hengfu Feed Machinery, with the sun at 39 degrees Celsius, completed the operation of the 2000 type powder unit. The unit is suitable for the production of powder feed for pigs, cattle, chickens, fish, rabbits, etc., and produces 2-3 tons of powder. We learned that the powder unit has a compact structure and a small footprint, which is suitable for farms and feed mills of all sizes.

    The 2000 type powder units delivered this time mainly include: Z-type iron remover, water drop crusher, spiral hoist, SLHY2000 single-axis ribbon mixer, bucket elevator and various silos for production. The powder production process is: impurity removal - crushing - conveying - mixing 4 stages.

    The Z-type iron remover and the water droplet pulverizer can perform the impurity removal and pulverization work of the feed material well, and the discharge port of the Z-shaped iron remover is consistent with the discharge port of the water drop type feed pulverizer, and there is no leakage or residue. The phenomenon of material appears.

    The drip mill is mainly used to crush corn, wheat, soybean, sorghum, and can also be used to crush grass and pharmaceutical raw materials. It is widely used in large and medium-sized feed processing plants, large farms and pharmaceutical plants.



    Water droplet mill structure features:
    1. The crushing chamber is of the water droplet type, which can eliminate the circulation and truly achieve the second strike, which can improve the crushing uniformity and output;
    2. The pulverizer rotor is subjected to balance check, and the vibration amplitude is smaller and the noise is lower when the equipment is running;
    3. Adopting the direct transmission drive mode, the new serpentine spring coupling can effectively avoid bearing heat;
    4. Imported high quality bearings, long service life and stable operation;
    5. It can be matched with various feeding forms such as variable frequency feeding of impeller feeder and stepless speed feeding of screw conveyor.

     SLHY horizontal mixer is suitable for feed, paint, dry powder, chemical and other industries. It can be used to mix various powders in proportion. It can also be used as a feed unit for small and medium-sized farms. The utility model has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, safety and reliability, high mixing uniformity, short mixing time and small residual amount, and the mixing uniformity of the single-axis double-spiral mixer equipped with the 2000 type powder unit reaches 97%, and made of shell carbon steel, durable.

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